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March 4, 10am: MossFest in Austin, TX

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The energetic debut album from AndyRoo is bursting with imagination and creativity. AndyRoo’s extensive music background provides a solid basis for an album that can be enjoyed by the entire family, over and over again!

Lauren Ramsey

Radio Host, Radio Disney AM 1590

“AndyRoo’s music inspires children’s imagination. They were hopping on imaginary hopscotches, brushing their teeth, and swinging through the trees like chimpanzees. Their smiling faces showed the joy that AndyRoo’s music can bring.”

Cara Clark

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

“AndyRoo and the AndyRooniverse is like no other kid’s band I’ve ever seen. Very cool energy- they have found a way to entertain kids and adults. There is real talent in this band. Songs are fun and catchy, and they are pleasant to listen to with or without your kids! If you are into good music, you’ll enjoy their performances, and your kids will love dancing and singing along too!”

Brooke R.


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