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Andyroo has performed for a wide range of audiences, from small groups to nationally-renowned institutions. See what our happy moms, dads, and customers have to say!

“AndyRoo’s music inspires children’s imagination. They were hopping on imaginary hopscotches, brushing their teeth, and swinging through the trees like chimpanzees. Their smiling faces showed the joy that AndyRoo’s music can bring.”

Cara Clark

Discovery Room Coordinator, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

We asked Andy to perform at our daughters 2nd birthday party. He did a fantastic job. My daughter was very engaged, dancing the entire time. Before the show, he gave her special one on one attention showing her his guitar and letting her strum it a bit. He made a great suggestion for us to have egg shakers for each of the kids to play during the show, the kids loved them. The coloring paper for the goody bags was also a nice touch.

Stacey J.

“AndyRoo’s music is delightful, insightful and just plain fun to listen and dance to! It was such a treat for our visitors to have him at the Museum.  We look forward to his next performances.”

Bunmi Gaidi

Arts Educator, Children’s Museum of Houston

Andy is an all-around great guy! Andy did an awesome job quickly and concisely answering all questions we had about our upcoming event. He arrived on time and setup with no problem. He is friendly, easy-going and an AMAZING performer. The children (and parents) absolutely loved his engaging and creative music. The room was filled with big smiles and tons of laughter. Additionally, after his performance, he stuck around to shake hands and talk with the group. Without reservation, we highly recommend AndyRoo and the AndyRooniverse and welcome the opportunity to work with him in the future.

Perisha B.

AndyRooniverse is Houston Music for Kids: “Andrew Karnavas’ latest incarnation, AndyRoo, is a children’s singer who croons about animals, teaches the ABC’s and urges you to brush your teeth. It’s engaging, lighthearted and easy to remember."

Houston Chronicle

AndyRoo and the AndyRooniverse is like no other kid's band I've ever seen. Very cool energy- they have found a way to entertain kids and adults. There is real talent in this band. Songs are fun and catchy, and they are pleasant to listen to with or without your kids! If you are into good music, you'll enjoy their performances, and your kids will love dancing and singing along too!

Brooke R.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the booking process from beginning to end?

1. We’ll discuss the event duration, size and location specifics.

2. We’ll pick a performance option (solo vs. band pricing)

3. I request a 50% deposit.

4. We exchange promotional materials (artist photos, social media accounts to tag) if the event is public.

5. Performance – I will check in the week of the event to make sure all details are the same, then arrive 60-90 min before the performance to setup. The final 50% payment is due the day of the event via check, cash, or credit.

6. Post Event – We can exchange event content and discuss future opportunities.

How long is a typical performance?
  • School Assemblies, Library Performances & Summer Camp Visits: 45 minutes – 1 hour. Back-to-back performances are often booked.
  • Large Public  Events: 45, 60, or 90-minute sets. Back-to-back performances are often booked.
  • Birthdays: 45 minutes.
Does Andyroo perform solo or with a full band?

Performance Options:

  • Solo
  • 3-Piece Band: Guitar + Bass + Drums
  • 4-Piece Band: Guitar + Bass + Drums + Sax
Does Andyroo bring his own sound system?

Yes, Andyroo can provide sound systems for crowds up to 2500 people and has his own AV company, Yawp Records,  that handles audio production for small festivals.

  • For events with more than 200 people, an additional charge will apply for sound system setup.
  • For events with less than 200 people, no additional charge will apply for sound system setup.


My friends and I don't use CD's anymore. How do I send them mp3 copies of your albums?
  1. Visit
  2. Click the Buy button on the album you would like to purchase. You will be sent to the album’s Bandcamp page.
  3. Click the Buy Digital Album button if you are buying for yourself, or the Send as Gift button if buying for a friend.
  4. Complete payment and the album will be emailed to you to download onto your phone, computer, or tablet. You will then be able to play the album on iTunes, Amazon Music, or on any other player.
Do you have a mailing list?

Yes! I send out newsletters with show information and special downloads. In fact, you can get my first album, Welcome to the Andyrooniverse, for free if you sign up right here.

Have a Question?

If there’s anything else we can help you with, please drop us a line anytime!


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