Wall of Gratitude

Andyroo color Wall

Many generous people supported the Color Your World Album and Book campaign on Indiegogo. I am forever grateful. Your belief in the AndyRooniverse makes it a reality.

THANK YOU so much (in alphabetical order):

  • Cristina Acuna
  • Diana Ashdown
  • Michael Ashdown
  • Lynn Birdwell
  • Jessica Bolanos Vanegas
  • Amy Buehrer
  • David Buehrer
  • Monica Danna-Garcia
  • Rob & Janet Denton
  • Eric Gaylord
  • Gregory Hildreth
  • Vanessa Irelan
  • Lynn Karnavas
  • Denise Lord
  • Nancy Manford
  • Tracy Manford
  • Sandra Perlman
  • Rhonda Power
  • Paula Puffer
  • Grace Rodriguez
  • Teya Sparks
  • JoAnn Takasaki
  • Sue Takasaki
  • Michael Tucker
  • Michio Zulu












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