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Wall of Fame

Andyroo color Wall

Many generous people supported the Color Your World Album and Book campaign on Indiegogo. I am forever grateful. Your belief in the AndyRooniverse makes it a reality. Behold, the Wall of Fame (in alphabetical order):

Cristina Acuna

Diana Ashdown

Michael Ashdown

Lynn Birdwell

Jessica Bolanos Vanegas

Amy Buehrer

David Buehrer

Monica Danna-Garcia

Rob & Janet Denton

Eric Gaylord

Gregory Hildreth

Vanessa Irelan

Lynn Karnavas

Denise Lord

Nancy Manford

Tracy Manford

Sandra Perlman

Rhonda Power

Paula Puffer

Grace Rodriguez

Teya Sparks

JoAnn Takasaki

Sue Takasaki

Michael Tucker

Michio Zulu